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Last updated 28 December, 1999.

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I'm Pablo Halpern, the author of The C++ Standard Library from Scratch. Thank you for buying my book. This page provides code to all of the examples in the book, a quick reference to the C++ Standard Library, exercises, solutions, and errata. If there is anything else you would like to see here, please contact me by email. Check back regularly and don't forget to click the reload button on your browser.


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Book Links and Downloads:

C++ Standard Library Quick Reference - 59kb
Source code from the book:
code.zip       - 185kb -- Zip format (requires WinZip, PKZIP or portable zip)
code.tar.gz   - 84kb  -- Compressed tar format (Requires Linux tar or  gunzip + Unix tar)
code.tar.Z    - 165kb -- Compressed tar format (Requires Unix uncompress and tar)
README.txt file - 5kb
Exercise files associated with the book - 17kb
Answers to exercises found in exercises.htm file - 25kb
Errors in the book. Think you found an error? Email me.