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This page is obsolete. Please see my most recent resume, here.

Pablo Halpern
Updated 11/23/2002

After many years in the industry, including 13 years consulting, my resume has gotten rather large and diverse. To make it easier for you, I have divided my experience into categories and created a separate resume for each category. Each resume is about three pages long or shorter, complete and ready to print, and lists only the clients and employers related to its specific category. Click the links below to see the resume that fits your needs.


I have been writing network management and distributed applications since 1995, working on both the client and server/agent sides. I am conversant in SNMP and know how to read and interpret MIBs.

Compilers and Interpreters:

I will implement a compiler or interpreter using technology that is tailored to your needs. I have a firm understanding of typed and typeless language concepts, recursive and regular-expression grammars, LALR, recursive-descent, and DFA parsers, as well as common compiler-generation tools like lex and yacc (flex and bison).

Command-Line Interfaces (CLI):

If you are building a device that needs a command-line interface (CLI), I am the ideal candidate to design and implement it. In addition to my direct experience implementing CLIs and interpreters in general, I offer a tool called CLI Power Tools, which can cut 3 to 6 months off the development time of a high-quality CLI.

Embedded Software

Regardless of whether your project uses a commercial embedded OS or a home-grown alternative, I will apply the same skill that I apply to all of my embedded systems projects: the ability to write tight, memory- and time-efficient code, whether in C++, C, or assembly language.

Applications Programming

I have extensive experience specifying, designing, and implementing user applications. My approach is always to reduce the coupling between the user interface and the core of the application so that the UI can change easily without the need for a complete re-engineering of the application.

Long Resume

All of my work experience in one long (5 page) resume.

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