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This page is obsolete. Please see my most recent resume, here.

Pablo Halpern
Compiler/Interpreter Development Resume

Updated 04/16/2003


I will implement a compiler or interpreter using technology that is tailored to your needs. I have a firm understanding of typed and typeless language concepts, recursive and regular-expression grammars, LALR, recursive-descent, and DFA parsers, as well as common compiler-generation tools like lex and yacc (flex and bison). My interpreters and compilers are highly structured and table-driven. I have also helped develop special-purpose languages that are easy to implement yet much cleaner and more powerful than the typical DOS-like languages that are commonly implemented with unstructured, ad-hoc interpreters.

I will take your project through all or any part of the software-development life-cycle, working either as a team leader or as an individual contributor. I ensure that the project's needs are considered at every level of detail. When programming, I avoid quick-and-dirty solutions in favor of maintainable, extensible and efficient implementations. I also document my work with clearly written specifications, design documents, and/or test plans. I am expert in a number of programming and scripting languages and am quick to pick up new languages or third party tools as needed for a particular task.


General: Object-oriented analysis and design (using UML), strong verbal and written communications skills, Linux device drivers, embedded systems, team leadership, software tools, graphical user interfaces.

Languages: C++ (since 1989), C (since 1982), Perl, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, Unix Shells (Bourne, Bash, Korn, C-shell), 680x0 and 80x86 Assembly languages. Learning C#, JavaScript.

Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, Sun OS, HP-UX), MS Windows (95, NT, 2000), OS/2, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS.

Tools and Libraries: X.11/Motif, lex (flex), yacc (bison), Clearcase, CVS, Visual Studio, Rational Rose.

Compiler/Interpreter Development Experience (Consulting and Employment)

Note: This resume contains only experience directly related to compiler and interpreter development. For a more complete resume, please visit my home page at the URL below.

CLI Power Tools, Wilton, NH (12+ months - ongoing)

Nauticus Networks, Framingham, MA (9 months)

Tenor Networks, Acton, MA (7 months)

IPOptical, Dulles, VA (4 months)

Ironbridge Networks, Lexington, MA (23 months)

Desktop Scientific Systems, MA (9 months, then sold to Polygen)
Vice President of Software Development

Mass Computer Associates, Wakefield, MA (9 months)
Systems Analyst

Data Concepts, Inc., Lexington, MA (22 months)
Software Engineer


Hampshire College, B.A. in Computer Science, May, 1983.
Thesis: Language Extensions for Improved Data Abstraction (a procedural language approximation of object-oriented concepts).


Book: The C++ Standard Library from Scratch, Que Publishing, November, 1999. An introduction to the C++ Standard Library, including STL, strings, and I/O streams. Guides the reader through the development of a working personal information manager (PIM) application using standard library facilities.

Training material: The C++ Standard Library, 1998. Approx. 110 pages of slide presentations, exercises (with solutions), and accompanying instructor's manual used to teach a two or three-day training for intermediate or advanced C++ programmers.

Article: "M and Robotics," with Max Rivers and James Poitras, M Computing, April, 1995.

References: Furnished on request

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