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This page is obsolete. Please see my most recent resume, here.

Pablo Halpern
CLI Development Resume

Updated 04/16/2003


If you are building a device that needs a command-line interface (CLI), I am the ideal candidate to design and implement it. In addition to my direct experience implementing CLIs and interpreters in general, I offer a tool called CLI Power Tools, which can cut 3 to 6 months off the development time of a high-quality CLI.

I will take your project through all or any part of the software-development life-cycle, working either as a team leader or as an individual contributor. I ensure that the project's needs are considered at every level of detail. When programming, I avoid quick-and-dirty solutions in favor of maintainable, extensible and efficient implementations. I also document my work with clearly written specifications, design documents, and/or test plans. I am expert in a number of programming and scripting languages and am quick to pick up new languages or third party tools as needed for a particular task.


General: Object-oriented analysis and design (using UML), strong verbal and written communications skills, Linux device drivers, embedded systems, team leadership, software tools, graphical user interfaces.

Languages: C++ (since 1989), C (since 1982), Perl, Pascal, Visual Basic, HTML, Unix Shells (Bourne, Bash, Korn, C-shell), 680x0 and 80x86 Assembly languages. Learning C#, JavaScript.

Operating Systems: Unix (Linux, Solaris, Sun OS, HP-UX), MS Windows (95, NT, 2000), OS/2, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS.

Tools and Libraries: X.11/Motif, lex (flex), yacc (bison), Clearcase, CVS, Visual Studio, Rational Rose.

CLI Development Experience (Consulting and Employment)

Note: This resume contains only experience directly related to the construction of command-line interfaces. For a more complete resume, please visit my home page at the URL below.

CLI Power Tools, Wilton, NH (12+ months - ongoing)

Tenor Networks, Acton, MA (7 months)

Ironbridge Networks, Lexington, MA (23 months)

Mass Computer Associates, Wakefield, MA (9 months)
Systems Analyst


Hampshire College, B.A. in Computer Science, May, 1983.
Thesis: Language Extensions for Improved Data Abstraction (a procedural language approximation of object-oriented concepts).


Book: The C++ Standard Library from Scratch, Que Publishing, November, 1999. An introduction to the C++ Standard Library, including STL, strings, and I/O streams. Guides the reader through the development of a working personal information manager (PIM) application using standard library facilities.

Training material: The C++ Standard Library, 1998. Approx. 110 pages of slide presentations, exercises (with solutions), and accompanying instructor's manual used to teach a two or three-day training for intermediate or advanced C++ programmers.

Article: "M and Robotics," with Max Rivers and James Poitras, M Computing, April, 1995.

References: Furnished on request

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