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Pablo Halpern

My name is Pablo Halpern, lead consultant at Halpern-Wight Software. I provide extensive experience in designing and implementing applications of all types, especially proprietary languages (compilers and interpreters) and network management applications. I can work alone or with your existing team. Alternatively, I can assemble a team to meet your needs.

I will take your project through all or any part of the software-development life-cycle, working either as a team leader or as an individual contributor. I take a high-level overview of the each project's needs and ensure that those needs are considered at every level of detail, including the choice of implementation language or technology or the evaluation of third-party tools or products. I can also provide your organization with training and/or mentoring.

When programming, I avoid quick-and-dirty solutions in favor of maintainable, extensible and efficient implementations. I also document my work with clearly written specifications, design documents, and/or test plans. I am expert in a number of programming and scripting languages and am quick to pick up new languages or third party tools as needed for a particular task.

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CLI Power Tools

CLI Power Tools is a command-line interface (CLI) development tool for embedded software developers that dramatically decreases the resources needed to develop a high-quality CLI. Unlike packages like RapidControl for CLI, it is designed for team development and can produce a truly Cisco-compliant CLI.

Click here to learn about a product that could save 50% to 80% of the cost and cut 3 to 6 months off the time needed to develop a high-quality command-line interface.

Books and Publications:

Book: The C++ Standard Library from Scratch, Que Publishing, November, 1999. An introduction to the C++ Standard Library, including STL, strings, and I/O streams. Guides the reader through the development of a working personal information manager (PIM) application using standard library facilities.

Training material: The C++ Standard Library, 1998. Approx. 110 pages of slide presentations, exercises (with solutions), and accompanying instructor's manual used to teach a two or three-day training to intermediate or advanced C++ programmers.

Article: "M and Robotics," with Max Rivers and James Poitras, M Computing, April, 1995.

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