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“First, a big thanks for doing this work and standing by it! It really helped us with our development ... Personally, I would use this toolkit again in a heartbeat.”

- Philippe Roger, Pedestal Networks

If your new network-connected device needs a Command Line Interface, you have two options:

Build it from scratch

Re-invent the wheel

See your first command working in a few months      

Spend 6-9 months completing the CLI

Spend $100K to $300K on development

Use CLI Power Tools

Use a proven, working solution

Get commands working on the first day - Great for early testing

Cut 3-6 months off your development time

Save 50% or more on CLI development costs

If your company is building a network-connected device like a router, switch, or firewall, you’ll probably need a Command Line Interface (CLI). And, if you’re like most companies, you’ll want to make the CLI easy to use for network operators familiar with Cisco’s IOS CLI.

Your options? You could build a CLI yourself from scratch. But don't underestimate the task. Today's customers expect the CLI to have robust command-line editing, command completion, and context-sensitive help for every keyword and parameter. A good CLI won't necessarily sell your device, but a bad CLI will reflect poorly on your whole product line.

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